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Now let's get the deal done properly.

Sold your property? Now Let's Settle on Time!

Congratulations, the hard part is over. We can take care of the rest.

It’s hard enough to juggle the sale of a property without having to worry about each and every detail of the Settlement process. With Paramount, you will benefit from the vast local knowledge and relationships we have been building since 1985. You can relax knowing that we understand the process and what is involved with every step. More importantly, you get an agent who understands the market and how to get results – proactive service from the word ‘go’.  We can’t see into the future, but we can use our wealth of experience to anticipate problems before they occur.

We'll walk you through the whole process. No stress.

With Paramount, you get a team of Settlement Agents who work to solve problems ahead of time. So that you can significantly reduce your risk of costly and stressful delays. You get an agency that knows the importance of clear and effective communication. And, a Settlement that is handled with transparency and professionalism. Don’t worry about all the moving parts. You will know that everything is under control – we keep you updated throughout the process, without the fuss.

What We Do

1. Check your Offer and Acceptance document is valid and correct
2. Conduct all necessary searches of Title and other relevant interests
3. Prepare documentation and arrange a Verification of Identity check with you
4. Ensure you have completed your contractual obligations – for example,  any repairs or cleaning
5. Liaise with your bank (if applicable) to ensure removal of any mortgage at Settlement
6. Adjust rates and outgoings and prepare a detailed Settlement Statement
7. Attend Settlement on your behalf
8. Undertake payment of all fees and charges on your behalf and distribution of sale proceeds in accordance with your instructions

What You Do

1. Appoint a Settlement Agent
2. Sign documentation and undertake 100 point VOI check with Settlement Agent
3. Organise the discharge of your mortgage with your bank or finance broker
4. Address any special conditions in the Contract you are required to do
5. Provide access for inspections (termite / structural / pool etc)
6. Contact your utility providers to close accounts
7. Arrange removals if required
8. Check Settlement Statement and instruct Agent where you want your sale proceeds to be credited
9. Relax and wait for settlement!

Why Should I Choose Paramount?

Proactive Conveyancing

Ensuring potential problems are identified quickly


“People People” who will communicate effectively on your behalf

Bespoke Service

You get the attention you deserve